Good Old Days

[PotA] Story So Far

Where we left off…


How we got there…

Amphail, Brynjar and Callida met at Red Larch, a small town to the south-west of the Sumber Hills. They were hired by Sildar Hallwinter, a member of the Lord’s Alliance, to investigate the disappearance of a delegation which was travelling from Mirabar to Waterdeep. As the party began their exploration of the Dessarin Valley, they quickly discovered the presence of elemental cultists.

The first group the party encountered was the Cult of Eternal Flame at Scarlet Moon Hall. The cultists were disguised as druids, sifting through a crowd they gathered to recruit similar-minded people. With the help of Cult of the Crushing Wave infiltrators, the party raided the tower and defenestrated the outpost leader, Elizar Dryflagon.

Once they made their escape, the party was then picked up knights of the Feathergale Society, and were given a lift on giant vultures to Feathergale Spire, their outpost. Bonding with the knights and participating in a manticore hunt, the party was given another lift to the town of Beliard, parting with the knights on good terms.

The town of Beliard was where the delegation was last seen. Following their trail south, they discover the remains of an attack. Following the bodies led them to the mile-wide Dessarin River. The party followed a fresh underground tunnel dug out by ankhegs to



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