Good Old Days

Sessions 1-7: Story So Far


Summary of Sessions
Our story begins at Reddansyr on the day of Shieldmeet, 1488 DR. Our to-be-heroes arrived individually to look for adventuring parties to travel with. This was the start of Red Team. As a group compatibility exercise, the team partook in an event which sent the parties to an artificial arena to fight an adult white dragon. Part way through, an unfamiliar wizard named Talos appeared. While the party was frozen in time in the artificial arena, Talos began branding the party in the real world. Trout managed to stop him before he completed his task, however Dayus, Drikkel and Sandy were all left branded by an invisible mark. The dragon fight resumed, but the white dragon suddenly grew older and more powerful, resulting in a loss for the Red Team.

Once out of the enchantment, the party attempted to find Talos.

Session 1: White Dragon Showdown

Session 2: Bandit Chase

Session 3: The Hidden Temple

Session 4: Where Dayus Gets Arrested

Session 5: Reddansyr Intrigue

Session 6: Dead Rat Inn

Session 7: Drunk Search Party



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